IPhone X to use ‘black box’ anti-spoof Face ID tech

Even Apple will not be able to explain how its forthcoming iPhone X can spot some efforts to fool its facial recognition system.

The firm has released a guide to the Face ID system, which explains that it relies on two types of neural networks – one of which has been specifically trained to resist spoofing attempts.

But a consequence of the design is that it behaves like a “black box”.

Its behavior can be observed but the underlying processes remain opaque.

So, while Apple says Face ID should be able to distinguish between a real person’s face and someone else wearing a mask that matches the geometry of their features, it will sometimes be impossible to determine what clues were picked up on.

Face IDImage copyrightAPPLE
Image captionThe phone’s TrueDepth system includes an infrared camera and an IR dot projector

Face ID is far from being the first facial recognition system to be built into a mobile device.

But previous technologies have been plagued by complaints they are relatively easy to fool by with photos, video clips or 3D models shown to the sensor.

This has made them unsuitable for payment authentication or other security-sensitive circumstances.

In publishing its Face ID documentation more than a month ahead of the iPhone X going on sale, Apple is hoping to head off such concerns – particularly since the handset lacks the Touch ID fingerprint sensor found on its other iOS phones and tablets.

Its site details how the process works:

  • two sets of readings are taken by the sensors – a “depth map” of the face created by shining more than 30,000 invisible infrared dots on it, and a sequence of 2D infrared images
  • These readings are taken in a randomised pattern that is specific to each device, making it difficult for an attacker to recreate
  • The data is then converted into an encrypted mathematical formulation
  • This is then compared to similarly encoded representations of the owner’s face stored within a “secure” part of the processor.

The final “matching” part of the procedure relies on one neural network that Apple says was trained using more than a billion 2D infrared and dot-based images.

Samsung Galaxy S8Image copyrightSAMSUNG
Image captionSamsung has faced criticism about the security of its Face Unlock system – but it offers a fingerprint scanner as an alternative

Simultaneously, it explains “an additional neural network that’s trained to spot and resist spoofing” comes into play.

Apple has designed the computer chip involved to make it difficult for third parties to monitor what is going on, but even if they could they would have little chance of making sense of the calculations.

“The developers of these kinds of systems have some level of insight into what is happening but can’t really create a narrative answer for why, in a specific case, a specific action is selected,” explained Rob Wortham, an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Bath.

“With neural networks, there’s nothing in there to hang on to – even if you can inspect what’s going on inside the black box, you are none the wiser after doing so.

“There’s no machinery to enable you to trace what decisions led to the outputs.”

AppleImage copyrightAPPLE
Image captionApple says its Face ID system works in both bright light and the dark

Apple has said it carried out many controlled tests involving three-dimensional masks created by Hollywood special effects professionals, among other tasks, to train its neural network into detecting spoofs.

However, it does not claim it is perfect and intends to continue lab-based trials to further train the neural network and offer updates to users over time.

Other details revealed by the security documents include:

  • Face ID data cannot be saved off the device by the user, but some diagnostic data can be shared with Apple if express permission is given
  • The system will automatically augment its stored mathematical representations of the owner’s face over time to take account of aging
  • if a failed match occurs but the user then types in their passcode immediately afterward, it will also take account of “dramatic changes” – such as a shaved-off beard or altered make-up – to allow later facial recognition checks to work
  • Apple does not recommend Face ID’s use by under-13s because their distinct facial features may not have settled to an adequate degree. But bearing in mind the iPhone X starts at £999 and only allows one face to be registered to a device, this limitation is unlikely to have much impact

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Rockets will fly people from city to city in minutes

People will soon be able to fly from city to city within minutes, rocket and car entrepreneur Elon Musk says.

Mr. Musk made the promise at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia.

A promotional video says the London-New York journey would take 29 minutes.

Mr. Musk told the audience he aimed to start sending people to Mars in 2024. His SpaceX company would begin building the necessary ships to support the mission next year.

He says he is refocusing SpaceX to work on just one type of vehicle – known as the BFR – which could do all of the firm’s current work and interplanetary travel.

Image copyrightIAC
Image captionElon Musk: “That’s not a typo”

Mr. Musk first laid out his Mars travel ambitions at the IAC in 2016. Twelve months on, he returned with more detail.

His BFR, although still massive, is now a little smaller at 106m in height and 9m in width.

The major difference compared with the original version, however, was cost, the South African-born American said.

“I think we’ve figured out how to pay for it. This is very important.”

The route to affordability, he explained, was in refocusing all of the company’s efforts into the one system – and then using that to meet all its customers’ needs.

SatellitesImage copyrightSPACEX
Image captionArtwork: The BFR would launch much bigger or many more satellites than current rockets

This means the BFR would launch satellites and service the space station – as SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule do now – but also take people to the Moon and Mars, and do what is termed “point to point” travel on Earth.

“Most of what people consider to be long-distance trips could be completed in less than half-an-hour,” he told the Adelaide audience.

“Some of our customers are conservative and they want to see the BFR fly several times before their comfortable launching [on it],” Mr. Musk said.

“So what we plan to do is to build ahead and have a stock of Falcon 9 and Dragon vehicles, so that customers can be comfortable if they want to use the old rocket, the old spacecraft – they can do that because we’ll have a bunch in stock.

“But all of our resources will then turn to building BFR.”

Mars cityImage copyrightSPACEX
Image captionArtwork: Musk envisages colonies on Mars

As well as being the CEO and chief designer at SpaceX, Mr. Musk also founded the Tesla electric car company and is chairman of SolarCity which specializes in renewable technologies, such as high-storage batteries.

He has attracted a rock-star following from fans who love his visionary thinking. And although his promises have often taken much longer to deliver, he has achieved a number of notable firsts.

These include 16-in-a-row successful landings of orbital-class rockets back on Earth after they have completed their missions. Two of these rockets have even flown a second time.

Key to his thinking is the concept of reusability. Space activity is currently expensive only because it is disposable, he says. There is no reason, he claims, why rocket systems cannot be made to operate like airliners where the most significant ongoing cost is the fuel in the tanks.

His Falcon 9 rocket is partially reusable; the BFR would be totally reusable. The same vehicle would fly time and time again.

Mr. Musk recognizes that his ambitious timelines sometimes slip. When he put up a slide in Adelaide stating that the first cargo (no humans aboard) versions of BFR would go to Mars in 2022, he said: “That’s not a typo, although it is aspirational.”

Lunar baseImage copyrightSPACEX
Image captionArtwork: Why haven’t we got a lunar base yet, Musk complained

His many fans in the audience lapped up the presentation, but his numerous business customers will also have stiffened slightly at the news that SpaceX is to begin diverting its energies towards the all-new rocket system.

These customers are extremely conservative – as Mr. Musk himself concedes. They are only just beginning to grapple with the idea that they can put their very expensive satellites on “second-hand” Falcons. Now they must also get used to the idea that the Falcon will eventually be replaced by another rocket system – the BFR.

Prof Alan Duffy is from the center for astrophysics and supercomputing at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

He was among the 4,000-strong audience at the IAC.

“This is SpaceX’s Elon Musk. This is what he does,” he told the BBC.

“What I love about SpaceX – and why the world’s scientists and engineers are willing to give them that credence – is that they make things profitable at every step of the way.

“They have a big vision, they work towards it, but the steps they take are always with the profit in mind. And if there’s a profit there, you can guarantee that businesses will see it through.”

BFRImage copyrightAFP
Image captionElon Musk has hinted that BFR stands for “Big F****** Rocket”

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صحت مند رہنے کیلئے درست غذا کا انتخاب ضروری، تحقیق

غذا کے غلط انتخاب کا اثر صحت پر براہِ راست ہوتا ہے تو ایسے میں موٹاپا، معدے کی خرابی نظام ہاضمہ کی شکایات موصول ہوتی ہیں جس کی وجہ سے صحت پر منفی اثرات مرتب ہوجاتے ہیں۔

تحقیق کے مطابق غذا میں فریزر کیے ہوئے پھل اور سبزیوں کو کھانا مضر ہے اس سے ان کی قدرتی افادیت میں کمی آجاتی ہے جس سے معدے میں خرابی اور تیزابیت کی شکایت کا خدشہ لاحق ہوجاتا ہے اس لیے ماہرین غذا کے انتخاب محتاط رہنے کی ہدایت دیتے ہیں۔

تلی ہوئی چیزوں سے پرہیز:

غذا میں تلی ہوئی چیزوں سے پرہیز کرنا چاہیے۔ پھلوں اور سبزیوں کا زیادہ استعمال کرنا چاہیے۔ سفید ڈبل روٹی کے استعمال کے بجائے براؤن بریڈ کا استعمال کرنا زیادہ مفید ہے۔

فریزر کے پھلوں اور سبزیوں سے پرہیز:

ماہرین کے مطابق فریزر والے پھل اور سبزیوں کا استعمال نہیں کرنا چاہیے۔ سبزیوں اور پھلوں کو فریز کرنے سے ان میں نیوٹریشن ختم ہوجاتا ہے اور ساتھ ہی اس میں وٹامنز اور معدنی افادیت فراہم کرنے میں بھی کمی آجاتی ہے جو کہ صحت میں بہت سی شکایات کا سامنا ہوتا ہے۔

اس لیے فریزر والی غذا سے پرہیز کیا جائے اور تازہ پھل اور سبزیوں کا انتخاب کیا جائے۔

جسم میں آئرن کی ضرورت:

جسم میں آئرن کا ہونا انسانی صحت کے لیے انتہائی اہم ہے۔ آئرن سے جسم میں قوت مدافعت بڑھتی ہے۔

تحقیق کے مطابق آئرن کا جسم میں وافر مقدار میں ہونا دل کے امراض سے بچانے میں مدد فراہم کرتا ہے اس لیے ایسی غذا کا استعمال کیا جائے جس سے آئرن حاصل ہو۔

صحت مندانہ تیل کا استعمال:

ماہرین کا کہنا ہےکہ کھانا بنانے کے لیے ایسے تیل کا استعمال کیا جائے جوصحت کے لیے مفید ہو۔

ماہرین صحت کے مطابق کھانے میں تیل کا استعمال کم سے کم کرنا چاہیے۔ اچھی صحت کے لیے تیل کی مقدار کھانے میں کم رکھی جائے اس سے جسم میں فیٹ سالیوبل وٹامنز جذب ہوجاتے ہیں۔

کافی کا استعمال:

کافی پینے سے جسم کے تمام اعضاء حرکت میں رہتے ہیں۔ تحقیق کے مطابق جو لوگ روزانہ کافی پیتے ہیں وہ دیر تک جیتے ہیں اور یہ دل کے، دماغ، جگر اور سروسس جیسی بیماری کے خدشات لاحق ہونے سے محفوظ رکھتی ہے۔

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iPhone X Production Supposedly Going Much Slower Than Apple Originally Planned

Apple has instructed some of its suppliers to slow down delivery of iPhone X components, according to Taiwanese website DigiTimes.

The report, citing unnamed sources from within Apple’s supply chain, claims the suppliers are now shipping only about 40 percent of the components originally planned for the initial production of the iPhone X.

Apple is allegedly waiting to see how many iPhone X pre-orders it receives, and monitoring how well the already-released iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sell, before fully ramping up production overseas.

However, the report mentions some suppliers still need to step up production to meet the 40 percent requirement due to low yield rates at their production lines, which is the more likely reason for the slowdown.

Essentially, since some suppliers are manufacturing iPhone X parts more slowly than others, Apple could be capping shipments from all suppliers so it has an equal number of all components when the device launches in just under six weeks.

Whatever the case may be, this report provides yet another indication that the iPhone X is proving especially challenging to make.

Just one day before the device was unveiled, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said iPhone X production totaled fewer than 10,000 units per day. In a follow-up research note, Kuo said the device is unlikely to achieve complete supply-demand equilibrium until at least the first half of next year.

All signs point towards overwhelming demand for the iPhone X. Earlier today, Kuo said pre-orders may exceed 40-50 million unitsLower adoption of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and shorter lines at Apple retail stores, also suggest that many customers may be waiting for the iPhone X, but it remains to be seen.

iPhone X pre-orders begin Friday, October 27, followed by in-store availability in limited quantities starting Friday, November 3.
for more news click here

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Tag: digitimes.com

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Bookkeeper App, the Cheapest accounts software

Bookkeeper App (Complete Accounting Package)

Book Keeper is one of the best accounts software worldwide.  In Pakistan, small business and trading companies like bookkeeper software.  Netsmartz Pakistan provides bookkeeper after-sales services, accounts training, software training, hire accountants and all other related services.  The bookkeeper has some unique features which are not available in other software like works on iPhone, Android and windows pc, sync across devices via Dropbox.   The price of bookkeeper app in Pakistan is very minimal we offer for Rs.15 per day, that’s why it is the cheapest software in the field of accounts in Pakistan.  Following are the major features of bookkeeper app;

  • Easy to use
  • works on windows, android, and iPhone.
  • Data sync across devices via Dropbox.
  • Inventory management system
  • warehousing
  • manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Sale / Purchase
  • Custom Invoice templates
  • User Managment
  • Multiple Companies
  • Unlimited Users
  • License Transferable


No complex accounting terms, maintain accounting books with ease, no accounting/bookkeeping knowledge required.
A stand-alone app, no dependency on other software, no sign up required.
Suitable for traders, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturing businesses.
It works on all your Android, iOS and Windows desktop devices with seamless data syncing among all your devices.

Send professional invoices to your customers while you are in the field.
Take print directly with one touch or share invoice on WhatsApp/SMS with your customer.
Invoices are fully customisable: Choose from various invoice templates, Add your company logo and signatures to the invoices. Add goods and services to the same invoice.

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ملکہ ترنم نورجہاں اکیس ستمبر انیس صد پچیس کو قصور میں پیدا ہوئیں۔

ملکہ ترنم کا خطاب حاصل کرنیوالی مشہور پاکستانی گلوکارہ اور اداکارہ ملکہ ترنم نورجہاں اکیس ستمبر انیس صد پچیس کو پیدا ہوئیں۔ وہ جنوبی ایشیا کے مشہور گلوکاروں میں سے ایک تھیں۔ملکہ ترنم نورجہاں نے اٹھارہ ہزار سے زائد گانے ریکارڈ کروائے۔ جو  کہ اردوپنجابی سندھی اور پشتو میں ہیں ۔نورجہاں ایک مسلمان گھرانے میں قصور شہرمیں پیدا ہوئیں اور وہ امداد علی اور فتح بی بی کے گیارہ بچوں میں سے ایک تھیں۔

پانچ سال کی عمر میں انہوں نے گانا شروع کر دیا تھا۔ پھر انہوں نے کلاسیکل موسیقی کی تعلیم استاد بڑے غلام علی خان صاحب سے حاصل کی ۔  پھر انہوں نے باقاعدہ طور پر گانا شروع کر دیا تھا۔  نورجہاں نے اپنی زندگی میں بہت سے ایسے یاد گار گانے گائے تھے جن کو سن کر آ ج بھی لوگ سراہتے ہیں ۔ ان کی آواز میں ایک جادو تھا ۔  نورجہاں نے پاکستان بننے کے بعد بمبئی کو چھوڑ کر کراچی آنے کا فیصلہ کر لیا۔ پھر انہوں نے کچھ فلموں میں بطور اداکارہ بھی کام کیا ۔  یہ ان کی زندگی کے بہترین لمحات تھے ۔  جب ہر طرف ان کی آواز ہی گونجتی تھی۔  پھر انیس صد پینسٹھ کی پاک بھارت جنگ میں انہوں نے اپنے فوجی بھائیوں کا حوصلہ بڑھانے کے لیے بھی قومی گیت گائے ۔  جن کو آج بھی بہت خاص اہمیت حاصل ہے ۔  نورجہاں سن دو ہزار میں تئیس دسمبر کو کراچی میں وفات پا گئیں۔  لیکن ان کی آواز آج بھی ہمارے دلوں میں زندہ ہے ۔

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ایل جی کمپنی نے نیا موبائل فون وی تھرٹی متعارف کروایا ہے۔ جس کے فیچر بہت ہی حیران کن ہیں۔

 مشہور زمانہ ایل جی کمپنی نے نیا موبائل فون وی تھرٹی متعارف کروا دیا ہے ۔

فون کے فیچر حیران کن ہیں اور اس کی قیمت بہت ہی مناسب ہے یہ فون پاکستان میں بہت زیادہ پسند کیا جائے گا۔

کوال کام پروسیسر کے ساتھ چار جی بی ریم اور چونسٹھ جی بی روم استعمال کی گئی ہے

اس کے ساتھ ساتھ دو عدد رئیرکیمرے بھی موجود ہیں ایک سولہ میگا پکسلز اور دوسرا تیرہ میگا پکسلز کا۔

ساتھ ہی چوڑے اینگل والا فرنٹ کیمرہ پانچ میگا پکسلز کا لگایا گیا ہے جس پر ویڈیو کال کی جا سکے گی۔

یہ موبائل ستمبر کے آخر میں فروخت کے لیے تیار ہو گا۔

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Do you know about Git hub?

GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service. It is mostly used for code. It offers all of the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug trackingfeature requeststask management, and wikis for every project.

GitHub offers both plans for private and free repositories on the same account which are commonly used to host open-source software projects.  As of April 2017, GitHub reports having almost 20 million users and 57 million repositories, making it the largest host of source code in the world.

GitHub has a mascot called Octocat, a cat with five tentacles and a human-like face.


Development of the GitHub platform began on 1 October 2007.  The site was launched in April 2008 by Tom Preston-WernerChris Wanstrath, and PJ Hyett after it had been made available for a few months prior as a beta release.

Projects on GitHub can be accessed and manipulated using the standard Git command-line interface and all of the standard Git commands work with it. GitHub also allows registered and non-registered users to browse public repositories on the site. Multiple desktop clients and Git plugins have also been created by GitHub and other third parties that integrate with the platform.

The site provides social networking-like functions such as feeds, followers, wikis (using wiki software called Gollum) and a social network graph to display how developers work on their versions (“forks“) of a repository and what fork (and branch within that fork) is newest.

A user must create an account in order to contribute content to the site, but public repositories can be browsed and downloaded by anyone. With a registered user account, users are able to discuss, manage, create repositories, submit contributions to others’ repositories, and review changes to code.

The software that runs GitHub was written using Ruby on Rails and Erlang by GitHub, Inc. developers Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, and Tom Preston-Werner.


GitHub is mostly used for code.

In addition to source code, GitHub supports the following formats and features:

  • Documentation, including automatically rendered README files in a variety of Markdown-like file formats (see README files on GitHub)
  • Issue tracking (including feature requests) with labels, milestones, assignees and a search engine
  • Wikis
  • Pull requests with code review and comments
  • Commits history
  • Graphs: pulse, contributors, commits, code frequency, punch card, network, members
  • Integrations Directory
  • Unified and split diffs
  • Email notifications
  • Option to subscribe someone to notifications by @ mentioning them.
  • Emojis
  • GitHub Pages: small websites can be hosted from public repositories on GitHub. The URL format is http://username.github.io.
  • Nested task-lists within files
  • Visualization of geospatial data
  • 3D render files that can be previewed using a new integrated STL file viewer that displays the files on a “3D canvas”.
  • The viewer is powered by WebGL and Three.js.
  • Photoshop‘s native PSD format can be previewed and compared to previous versions of the same file.
  • PDF document viewer

Courtesy:  wikipedia

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ایپل کے نئے آئی فون ایکس نے دھوم مچا دی

ایپل کمپنی نے ستمبر ایونٹ میں آئی فون ایٹ کے علاوہ آئی فون ایکس کو لانچ کیا ہے جسے دنیا کا بہترین فون مانا جا رہا ہے۔

اس کے فیچرز کو دیکھتے ہوئے اس کی قمیت کچھ بھی نہیں ہے۔ یہ فون صارفین کو نومبر میں فراہم کیا جائے گا  ایپل کمپنی نے ایڈوانس بکنک شروع کر دی ہے ۔

واضح رہے کہ ایپل کے معیار اور کوالٹی کو ابھی تک کوئی کمپنی مات نہیں دے سکی۔ سام سنگ کی انتہائی کوششوں کے باوجود وہ ایپل کمپنی کو زیر کرنے میں ناکام رہی ہے۔

  پاکستان میں اس کی قیمت ایک لاکھ پچیس ہزار تک ہو گی ۔

یہ فون پاکستان میں نومبر کے آخر میں دستیاب ہو گا۔

مزید خبروں اور معلومات کے لیے ہماری ویب سائٹ وزٹ کریں ۔ شکریہ


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کیا ٹریفک وارڈن پر ٹریفک قوانین لاگو نہیں ہوتے؟

کچھ دن پہلے کی بات ہے میں موٹر سائیکل پرسوار گلبرگ مین روڈ پر جا رہا تھا۔ حفیظ سنٹر کے بالکل سامنے ٹریفک وارڈن نے مجھے روک لیا اور اس نے اس بات پر میرا چالان کر دیا کہ آپ نے ہیلمٹ نہیں پہن رکھا۔ میں نے جا کر چالان ادا کیا اور جب واپس آیا اپنے کاغذات واپس لینے تو وہاں پر انہوں نے کچھ اور لوگوں کو بھی روک رکھا تھا جنہوں نے ہیلمٹ نہیں پہن رکھا تھا ۔ انہوں نے ٹریفک وارڈن کی کسی سے فون پر بات کروائی اور اس کے بعد اس نے قانون کی دھجیاں اڑاتے ہوئے ان کو چائے پانی کا پوچھ کر روانہ کر دیا۔ مجھے دل ہی دل میں بہت افسوس ہوا کہ ایسا بھی ہوتا ہے ۔ اس کے بعد کل میں نے ایک ٹریفک وارڈن کو فیروز پور روڈ پر جاتے ہوئے دیکھا جو بغیر ہیلمٹ کے موٹر سائیکل تو چلا ہی رہا تھا جب میں نے تھوڑا سا غور کیا تو اس کی نمبرپلیٹ بھی ٹوٹی ہوئی تھی جس پر نمبر غائب تھا۔ اگر کوئی عام آدمی اس طرح جا رہا ہوتا تو ٹریفک وارڈن ضرور اس کو روک کر اس کا چالان کرتے۔ تب میرے ذہن میں بار بار یہ آ رہا تھا کہ کیا ٹریفک وارڈن قوانین سے بری ذمہ ہیں کیا ان کو کوئی پوچھنے والا نہیں ہے ؟ آپ کے خیال میں کیا ہونا چاہئیے ۔ اپنی رائے کمنٹ میں لکھیں۔ شکریہ

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