The high-speed car enjoys a lot of space. If speedometer reaches 1600 km/hour, the speed of speed will be on its point of view.

The speed of the world’s fastest car ‘Bloodhound Supersonic’ is being said that it will be 1600 km per hour. A team of British engineers is ready to bring this car to the road soon. Usually, on the mention of high-speed vehicles, our youth face the face of our eyes. But if we say that after the creation of the fastest car, the back of an 85-year-old man will not believe you for a bridge.

The 85-year-old Ron Aires is a rocket scientist. They have designed the design of ‘Bloodhound Supersonic’ car. Ron made three years to prepare it.

Says Ron: “I like to break the boundaries. I do not normally get such a chance of my age.

Ron was interested in aerodynamics and engineering since childhood. He said: ‘I used to fly spots fire and hurricane fighter aircraft flying in the sky, after seeing someone’s interest in engineering and speed.’

Today, the Blood Hound car is involved in assuring that they do not get so much speed to get out of control.

With this record speed, it is a danger to get out of control over the ground.

In 1996, when an American driver Craig Bread love operated at 670 miles per hour, he lost control over it.

To reduce this risk, Ron has worked hard on the design of blood-hood. They have developed the vehicle structure in such a way that they can get record speeds and remain safe.

He said: ‘During the year 1950 when I was a trainee, I did not even fly at the speed of 1600 km per hour. I think this is the highest speed that can be achieved on earth. ‘

The ‘Blood Hound’ car is currently at New York Airport, where its low speed is under trial. The car-making team is engaged in preparing a new record of speed by 2019.

The highest speed record is currently 1228 km an hour while the blood-hood speed is expected to reach 1247 km / h and 1609 km per hour in two stages.

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