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You speak, computer itself will write the Urdu

The computer itself will write the Urdu

There was a time when writing was tired by writing and now working constantly on the board starts troubling. How to write to those people who can not see a different problem.
Software like ‘Nightingale’ was available in English for a while, but there was no such facility in Urdu.
It seems that this problem is somewhat close to a solution. Now there is at least two software available to you in front of them, they will move your voice into Urdu writing.

Three friends, Syed Ali Simeem, Dr. Ali Tahir and Shakib Ahmed, have worked together for this preparation.
Says Syed Ali Sime, a leading role in the preparation of this facility: “The purpose of making this website was to save time,” if the words can be typed 50 words in a minute. Easily can be created because around 150 words can be spoken in one minute. ‘
Saying Syed Ali Sammy, “Our effort is to submit this website to commercial and free, both for use so that those who can not use it can afford to pay it.”
The researcher of the same website is Dr. Ali Tahir who has worked on similar projects in Germany. “It was the purpose of working on this website to return home, saying that it can help those who do not know how to write or otherwise do not write.

In addition, Google has introduced a keyboard for Android phones that are capable of typing the Urdu. In the mobile where you write the Urdu, Mike starts speaking and speaking, writing will start typing in front of you.
The BBC spent two of these facilities with a test. GGB performs relatively well in case of acid accuracy, but both have a lot of improvement now.

‘Says Lion learned from the cat with hunting, hence cat is also called lion.’
It is written on the screen: ‘Let’s eat the lion’s fall from the rest.’ That’s why electricity also calls for a lion. ”
On the other hand, GGB wrote this phrase:
‘Says Lion’s cat-hunting. That’s why the cat is called lion’s milk too. ‘
Clearly, despite the effect, it is easier to fix the exact error than typing the entire phrase.
The initial impression from these facilities is that where it can be beneficial for those with weak people, they can also use them to lose access to deprived and disadvantaged persons.
At least this excuse should end that we do not have to type in Urdu!


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